About EuroPG


Since the founding, EuroPG operates within a wide range of consulting services and specializes in acquiring external non-repayable subsidies. We have successfully completed over 510 projects for companies, local governments and foundations. In majority, these endeavours constituted investment or R&D projects where, in the course of development, we have applied the following financial instruments:


EuroPG puts particular emphasis on professional, fair and reliable performance of the assigned tasks. We listen to our clients in order to meet their needs and tailor services to their expectations and requirements. Taking every possible measure to keep our knowledge up-to-date, including the area of non-repayable subsidies is one of our priorities. We monitor, on an ongoing basis, all available financing programmes, amending guidelines, provisions and regulations. Over many years, EuroPG experts have numerously been invited as speakers to many conference events hosted by such well-known companies as: Mitsubishi Electric, GOT, Pracodawcy Pomorza. 

Testimonials of satisfied clients speak best for high quality of EuroPG services.

What we do

EU grants
From small needs to visionary endeavours. All grant programmes, the completed ones, those in progress or the planned initiatives include non-repayable subsidies which in total reach billions PLN.

Settlement of EU grants
We reduce the risk of failure, time for cost refund, the workload of our clients’ employees. We offer our assistance until payment of the last tranche … and even longer.

Tax exemption
Conducting R&D projects? With EuroPG, income tax may decrease two-fold.

Financial analyses
We will calculate everything down to every single penny, conduct benchmark and ratio analyses, as well as financial forecasts aimed at various investment goals.

Business strategies
EuroPG experts prepare business strategies for companies in order to clarify clients’ long-term objectives and select optimal course of action.

Why EuroPG

Since 2007 we have successfully delivered over 500 projects subsidized by the EU funds for the total amount of PLN 900 million. This way we have acquired practical experience across the market sectors. Clients value our professionalism, reliability and timely delivery of assigned tasks.

Our achievements and testimonials

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